Thursday, June 09, 2011


I've had many recent reasons to be thinking about noodles. First, I recently watched Blade Runner again and was amazed how many shot there are of Deckard (Harrison Ford) sitting at noodle stands in the rain-drenched dystopic Los Angeles of 2019, fiddling with chopsticks and slurping up noodles. Second, I subscribed to the the new Lucky Peach food journal, whose inaugural issue will focus on ramen. Third, friends were recently telling me of their own love of noodles and the opening of a nearby noodle house. Fourth, The Wife has been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and encouraging the entire household to eat healthier.


Prepackaged noodles probably aren't exactly what The Wife had in mind, but I figured moving from Cup O Noodles to firing up a wok at work for my lunch needed one or two intermediary steps. Therefore, I found myself perusing the natural food section of our local grocery store. I stumbled upon the noodle bowls and bought a couple to try.


I assumed the noodles would be dehydrated, but instead they were vaccum-sealed. This allowed them to be softer and to need less cooking, which meant that they were closer to what I would get in a restaurant or from The Wife.


The Korean sweet chili noodle bowl was very good. The Hokkien noodles were pliable yet firm. The gochujang red chili paste reminded me of one of my favorite sriracha sauces. It was much healthier than what I often eat for lunch, although I noted that it was still high in sodium. However, it felt like progress. Plus, I was able to play with chopsticks, which I realized I am not very adept at using.


[1] Korean Sweet Chili Noodle Bowl by Annie Chun's All Natural Asian Cuisine.

[2] Cardboard removed reveals the lid.

[3] Lid removed reveals vacuum-packaged Hokkien noodles, dry topping packet, and sauce packet.

[4] One cup of water added, heated, and drained leaves behind a wonderful lunch.

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