Thursday, March 02, 2017


"Buzkashi" by Troy's Work Table.

Sidewalk chalk wash, sidewalk chalk, chalk pastels, and charcoal pencil on 12" x 12" concrete board.


"She knows / not to be devoured is a perfect sentiment" and "He turns her face to the window: mountains / oddly still in the milk broth of oblivion." —from "Buzkashi" by Diana Khoi Nguyen


For me, this poem is a punch in the gut. It's imagery is both brutal and beautiful. It is about existence.

I don't completely understand the poem, which is why it intrigues me. There is a cultural barrier. There is a sports barrier. Until I knew what buzhashi was, I misunderstood the poem to be about the preparation of an animal for a meal. Now that I know it is not, the loss is tempered a bit by a potential win.

There is beauty at the edge of the abyss. There is longing for more time.

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