Friday, April 20, 2012


"Chalkrapus" by Troy's Work Table.

"Snow White" by Hank.

"Snow White" by Debivans.


Frost Park Chalk Off 5:3 had a theme of "dark and light" and was sponsored by Tacoma's newest vintage store Poisoned Apple.  TWT worked on the sidewalk and produced "Chakrapus" reaching for a poisoned apple.

TWT's two favorite pieces of the day, however, were both depictions of Disney's Snow White.  Neither chalk artist knew that other was drawing such, and the pieces were at opposite corners of the park.  Hank's Snow White used wall and sidewalk to give the piece a bit of three-dimensionality in a two-dimensional medium.  But Debivan's was my favorite.  His Snow White was Rubenesque and her candied apple was a poison of a different sort, but nonetheless likely fatal (in some sense).

More Chalk Off 5:3 is available HERE.


Chalkrapus is cousin to Ghostopus; Octopus (riding his bike); Khronos; and the Octopi Frost Park protestors.

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