Friday, September 02, 2011


Ghostopus of Chalkings Past by Troy's Work Table.

Another Frost Park Chalk Off Challenge, another cephalopod, this one slightly recycled.

Five weeks later, faint hints of "Octopus Rides a Bike" were still visible. Therefore, TWT used the outlines of the mantle and the two outstretched arms for the basis of Ghostopus. Goodbye, bike helmet. Goodbye, bicycle. Goodbye, bike horn and glass of wine. Hello, candle-lit lantern. Hello, stick of blue chalk. Ghostopus wrote his own title behind him.

The chains of his past (chalk) lives weigh him down, even in the deeps of the netherworld sea. Rest in peace, Octopus. Haunt well, Ghostopus.


Dana said...

You are really into this, and your work is impressive.

David said...

That's great Troy. Looks like we've found ourselves an illustrator for SarZine 4. Maybe the theme should be Tentacles. I mean, there are 8 of us and all.

Troy said...

Dana, thank you. It begin as a way for The Child to get out and scribble on the sidewalk. I soon found myself participating, and then actively participating. I've been watching how some of the other artists produce particular effects. I guess all of that childhood doodling has finally "paid off."