Saturday, December 31, 2011


Lozen Boer, an Abt/Quadrupel by De Proefbrouwerij.

750 ml bottle served in tulip glass. 10% alcohol by volume.


As promised earlier, Lozen Boer is my New Year's Eve ale. I am excited to see if a full glass matches up to the anticipation and hope experienced in a tasting sample.


The pour is a hazy dark brown body that has an eerie translucent "vegetable green" aura as it leaves the bottle.

The nose is anise and wallpaper glue. The flavors include the same in the foreground, with beef broth, earthiness, and sugary canned pear syrup in the background.

This isn’t as complex as some beers, but I like the simplicity and the strangeness of the aromas and flavors. They shouldn’t work but they do.

As it warms, a bit of apple juice flavor creeps in. A bit more warming and I'm also catching a faint hint of pizza sauce plus additional anise (although neither is brash or bold).

It’s as good in a full glass as in the small sample “taster” I had earlier. In fact, it's better because it had more time to allow additional flavors to blossom forth. Definitely recommended.


It was good with red velvet cake. It wasn't a perfect match, but I'd pair them again.

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