Wednesday, December 07, 2011


"All the Heroes Are Dead and Buried," TWT's contribution to Les Sar'zine issue #4, the "Heroes" issue, is now printed, folded, cut, published, and ready for tomorrow's release date. 120 copies are available in five snazzy colors—Asgard (rare, 6 copies); Midgard (uncommon, 30 copies); Jötunheim (common, 48 copies); Niflheim (uncommon, 30 copies); and Ragnarök (rare, 6 copies).


Eight new related poems from TWT:
"Just Another Day in the Life of the Pagan King"
"Dark Days Are Coming and the First Is Likely a Thursday"
"This Is the Slow Collapse Into Fire and Ice"
"Your First Glimpse of Hel Is Like a Gateway Drug"
"All the Heroes Are Dead and Buried"
"The Wolves Linger Just Outside Your Front Door, Growling"
"The Colds of Hel Are Just a Foretaste"

Five new commissioned pieces of artwork from The Child:

Plus "Heroes" books from eight other writers and original artwork from our "Heroes" artist in each issue.


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