Saturday, June 04, 2016


Today was a Troy's Work Table "hat trick"—Books. Art. Beer.



The Complete Works of Isaac Babel was this morning's find at the Friends of the Library book store. From the condition it is in, as a book withdrawn from the library's collection, it appears likely that I am the only person who had checked it out in the past. I am especially looking forward to reading Babel's The Red Cavalry Stories once more.



The art portion of the day was visiting the Pacific Bonsai Museum's "Decked Out" exhibit once again, this time with The Child. I enjoyed the play on the traditional tokonama, with it outside in the elements rather than outside and with painted skateboard decks in the place of scrolls. I will be visiting again.



It had been some time since I had been to a beer tasting at 99 Bottles. Once I knew that Puyallup River Brewing was going to be there with six beers to taste, and one that was especially intriguing, I made sure to grab my pen and get ready to taste and take notes. And then, surprise, they brought along a couple bottles of a seventh beer to try. Bonus!


Cream Ale by Puyallup River Brewing • 5% abv
The pour is a mostly clear, pale yellow. The nose is "clean" and yeasty. The tongue is grassiness and creaminess, with a bit of chemical note. The latter isn't harsh, but bends the flavor profile a bit.

Pineapple Cream Ale by Puyallup River Brewing • 5% abv
The pour is the same color as the cream ale, albeit a bit more hazy. The nose and tongue are likewise mostly the same. The difference here is a slight pineapple note, but its very subtle. The pineapple is enough of a change, though, to make this preferable to the cream ale. (And I'm usually not that big of a fan of pineapple.)

Springtime Brown Ale by Puyallup River Brewing • 5.8% abv
This was the surprise bonus beer. The pour is clear, dark red. The nose is strong of wood and bark. The tongue is likewise strong of wood and heavy on bark notes. There is a also a bit of a coffee ground note lurking in the background. The mouthfeel is a bit watery, but, all in all, its a good brown ale.

South Hill Pale Ale by Puyallup River Brewing • 5.2% abv
I've had this before, but it is hoppier that I remember. It reminds me more of an orange-leaning IPA than a pale ale, and that is fine by me.

Electron IPA by Puyallup River Brewing • 6.5% abv
I've had this one before, too. It is excellently and strongly hoppy. It's primary flavors are bitter orange, orange peel, and pine resin.

Mud Mountain Milk Stout by Puyallup River Brewing • 7% abv
This is definitely a milk stout. The main flavors are coffee and cream. It is good, but it is too much coffee flavor for me.

Ghost Pepper Pineapple Cream Ale by Puyallup River Brewing • 5% abv
This is the best cream ale of the three I tasted. Upon drinking, the initial flavors are fruity and flowery, with a little burst of pineapple in the middle. These are quickly replaced by a bite of peppery heat. And then that bite becomes a slow, lingering burn. The finish lasts and lasts and lasts and lingers. It is pleasurable in the burn that it brings. This was definitely my favorite beer of the tasting and well worth the visit. I even picked up a bottle of Ghost Pepper Pineapple Cream so I could enjoy it in the comfort of my own home.

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