Friday, June 08, 2012


Frost Park Chalk Off 5:10 was a wet one.  The rain was steady.  Sometimes a light sprinkle.  Sometimes heavier.  But definitely steady.  Then the downpour came and we ended early.

Fifteen minutes into chalking I decided to take a picture of my progress, since the rain wasn't stopping.  Here is a portrait of Highline Community College's Marine Science and Technology Center octopus, Ophelia.  I have layers of color down and am beginning to add suckers on the tentacles.

Half an hour into the hour of chalking, the downpour began.  I added the lettering between bursts and buckets of water and called it a day.  "Ophelia Graduates" commemorates the release of Ophelia back into Puget Sound after a six-month residence at the HCC MaST aquarium.


Update: view video of Ophelia's release HERE.

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