Monday, April 30, 2012


Pink Peppercorn IPA (Trip XII), an India Pale Ale by New Belgium Brewing and Elysian Brewing.

22 ounce bottle served in shaker glass.

7.5% alcohol by volume.


The pour is clear orange.  The head is a finger's worth of white.  There is almost no carbonation.

The nose is of pepper and Fruity Pebbles, which is rather enticing.

Each sip is peppery spiciness on the front, followed by citrus peel bitterness and caramel maltiness, and then finishing with a faint echo of the opening pepper.

Medium mouthfeel.


I like this for its mystery and subtlety.  It could have been overdone but it isn’t.  Rather, it is nicely restrained.

I’m not thinking IPA when I’m drinking it, though.

In fact, this is sort of the flavor profile I was hoping for in Elysian’s Fallout Cardamom Ale.  If it had been, then Fallout wouldn’t have made the dump bucket.


If I close my eyes and dream a bit, then I can imagine some A-1 steak sauce on a nice hunk of meat, and that, my friend, is a damn fine thing.

As it warms, I am reminded more of A-1 and begin to hunger for a juicy steak and another pint of ale!

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