Thursday, January 05, 2012


10² Highly-Hopped Barley Wine Ale, a Barleywine by Fish Brewing Company.

22 ounce bomber bottle served in a snifter.


The pour is a deep brown body, with an aura of brick red (almost a ruby red). There is no real head of which to speak, only a nearly non-existent ring of ivory.

The nose is beef broth and leather, cocoa powder and dust, figs and a hint of cherries.

The similar tongue is bitter and shifting on the flavor, long and drawn out. This is followed by a warming on the tongue that makes its way well into the throat. Wow!

Additional flavors are varnish and brown sugar.


This barleywine is complex and shifting, thick but not oily.


This bottle is an excellent experience.


As it warms: more brown sugar, more of a buttery mouthfeel, and smoother, more intense alcohol.


This bottle is way too much for one person and one sitting. On the second half of the bottle on another evening, I discovered even more sweet brown sugar and some green apple on both the nose and tongue.

As I stated before, this is an experience. I will be returning to the wonder and joy of the 10².

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