Sunday, October 12, 2008


The wife, the child, and I headed off to Spooner Farms to gather up our annual pumpkin cache for carving into jack-0-lanterns.

(1) A pumpkin of welcome.

Clockwise from upper left: (2) more pumpkins of welcome (Welcome / to / Spooner Farms); (3) beware the giant roaming "hay bale and PVC pipe" field spiders; (4) an enormous pile of eyeball gourds; (5) donkey and foal.

(6) A father and son firing the mini-pumpkin sling shot.

(7) Targets for the mini-pumpkin sling shot.

(8) "Hey kids, make sure your parents buy you a lot of pumpkins or I will come down from here and eat your brains!"

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