Wednesday, October 15, 2008


"21" Anniversary Doppelbock, a Doppelbock by Full Sail Brewing Company

What goes well with a living room full of guys who are eating beer bratwursts, sauerkraut, hard pretzels, and German pastries? "21" Anniversary Doppelbock, of course!

(Welcome to a peek into the festivities of the "at home Oktoberfest" of Troy's Work Table.)

22 ounce bottle. The pour delivers a beautiful rust-colored body, an ivory head, and thin sheets of lacing.

The main aroma is of lightly burnt brown sugar as it caramelizes. A faint pear aroma also makes a brief appearance, here and there. The flavors form a complex mix—buttery biscuit, lightly burnt brown sugar, peanuts or cashews, and raisins or dates.

This is a chewy brew, filling the mouth and throat with goodness. The complexity of the flavors start out sweet and dry ever so slightly as they finish.



I intended to drink "21" in the above pictured stein. The stein was a gift from the father to the grandfather when Troy's Work Table was a wee infant. That means that the stein and I are essentially twins. We are both the same age and we both enjoy beer in our bellies.

However, I discovered a large crack that runs through the stein and decided that I would rather save the stein than kill my twin out of what would be sheer pleasure for me.

Needless to say, "21" worked well in a mug. I imagine it will do the same in the future.


The "at home Oktoberfest" was a definite success, no matter how such things are measured. It will most likely happen again.

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