Wednesday, August 16, 2006


A covert operation.

Rectangular. Polished brass. Metal. Electrical. Slightly upraised.

Nested faceplates. Four within two within one frame. Screws to lock each faceplate in place.

Do NOT enter.

A new idea. A new place. Indoors.

This one is interior. On the carpeted floor. Between stacks of books and videos and DVDs. Puyallup Library.

"Can I photograph some of the fixtures and features of the library?"
Silence. Stares.

Our manager doesn't like photos taken of the staff or of patrons. This is one to whom I do not speak.

"Yes, I understand that. Am I allowed to photograph features of the building?"

The hostility is palpable even though they assent.

That was a different day.

Today, the camera gazes without permission.

The child is the foil. The charm.

I crouch. The cover sings.

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