Friday, July 28, 2006


The flânerie continued today. The child and I explored Tacoma by automobile, on foot, and by public transportation. First, we visited the Tacoma Public Library to read pieces in The Arcades Project by Walter Benjamin. It is an enormous collection of Benjamin's thoughts on various concepts related to the arcades of Paris in the nineteenth century. I specifically wanted to read more about the flâneur. At some point I am going to get hold of a used hardcover copy of the book. I need to poke around in it at a leisurely rate.

Afterwards we drove to the Tacoma Dome Parking Garage and hopped the Tacoma Link, a free lightrail tram that shuttles between the Tacoma Dome and the Theater District, with stops at Union Station, the Tacoma Convention Center, and the main downtown Tacoma transit terminal. We rode to the Tacoma Convention Center stop and then walked back to Union Station via sidewalks and parks, all the while taking low-resolution pictures of fascinating architectural pieces and public art. We played at the urban park outside of the Convention Center which is a semicircle of concrete steps and terraces that resembles a Roman amphitheatre. Along one side of it flows a manmade concrete "river" with water flowing from one shallow concrete box to another along a series of "waterfalls," as well as a ramp that "flows" alongside the river down to the sidewalk. The child especially enjoyed this portion of the day. We wandered on foot and with stroller around this park, seeing all that it has to offer. It would be a good place for some outdoor theater.

Then we wandered through Union Station looking at the Chihuly glass sculptures. Next we wandered across the Chihuly Bridge of Glass and down to the waterfront walkway next to the Museum of Glass. We snacked and drank water. We looked at boats. We took pictures of the Thea Foss Landing condominiums. When we started heading back to Union Station to catch Link and head home, the keychain digital camera "dumped" all of the pictures we had taken and reset to its default settings. So, the day's wanderings will have to live as experiences rather than as captured static moments. We did take a few pictures from the point of reset, but they don't feel the same as what I believe the others probably captured. Another day...

3121 by Prince
Not a natural choice for me, but this is a great listen!

Fire Station 5 Brewing Company's Brush Fire Summer Ale
Crisp and refreshing. A nice accompaniment to homemade tacos.

The Urban Ideal: Conversations with Paolo Soleri
His thoughts on architectural needs for environmental sustainability and realization of full human potential.

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