Friday, January 27, 2017


Razzle Berry IPA, an American IPA by the Powerhouse Brewery.

On tap, served in Powerhouse pint glass.

6.1% abv.


The pour is an appealing hazy orange with a thin skin of brilliant white head.

The nose is berries, orange, hay, leaves, and the air after the rain cleanses it.

The taste waffles between raspberries and bitterness, both citrus and resin. There is a smokiness that may actually be the raspberries and bitterness clashing with one another. Ultimately, this is a hybrid beer that doesn't really work. It tries to move through the realms of both fruit beer and IPA and ends up being neither.

The best things about this beer are its solid mouthfeel and its appearance. Otherwise, this is one I cannot recommend. It is simply a confused and confusing beer.

The mouthfeel is

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