Thursday, November 17, 2016


Two days shy of six years ago, I bought a bottle of The Dissident (2010) from my favorite bottle shop, 99 Bottles.

A lot has changed in those six years.

For instance, 99 Bottles will be closing after ten years of business. They lost sales once "big box" wine and beer stores were allowed into Washington state and able to operate under different rules than the small bottle shops.

So this bottle is bittersweet. I am drinking it to celebrate a staycation of books, art, and beer, even as I mourn the loss of the wonderful small business that provided me with that bottle.


The Dissident (2010), an Sour Brown Ale (brewed with cherries) by by Deschutes Brewery.

22 ounce bottle served in tulip glass.

11.4% abv.


The pour is a clear ruby red body and a thin, off-white head (1/8” or so).

The nose is lemon juice, fruity sourness, cherries, hint of yeast.

The tongue is fruity sourness, cherries, lemon juice, green apples, tart cranberry. There are hints of beef broth, yeast, and dark bread in the background. And beneath all of that (especially as it warms) there are flavors of brown sugar and iced tea.

The mouthfeel is medium. The drink is warm and pleasant. The finish is long and lingering, sour and lessening in strength of sourness over time.

This is so good. Excellent. I could just drink this and drink this.


The Wife made her "Dr. Pepper Ribs" for dinner, and this was the perfect accompanying beer. The sour notes of the beer played well with the slightly sweet flavors of the rib sauce and the meat.


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