Friday, November 04, 2016

MAP 2016

A portion of "Map 2016" laid out on the living room floor.


Today, I worked in the classroom with fifth and sixth graders. We are creating a collaborative bulletin-board-sized homage to "Map" (1961) by Jasper Johns in construction paper and tempera paint.

The students have been studying the 50 states, their abbreviations, and their capitals in geography/social studies. They have also been studying the three branches of government, as well as talking about elections. So the plan is to (hopefully) tie some of that in as we make "Map 2016."


As I laid out the states at home later in the day, I realized that one state's stenciled abbreviation was painted on upside down, three states were painted on the wrong side (making them mirror images of the way they should be), and one state was painted on the wrong side (mirror image) and upside down.

I've decided that I'm going to include those five states on the finished piece as they were painted. That will allow for an "I Spy" set of states to find on the bulletin board upon which they will be displayed.

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