Friday, August 12, 2016


"Invertebrates" by Troy's Work Table. Frost Park Chalk Off for Friday 12 August 2016.

Sidewalk chalk, charcoal, chalk pastels.

Left to right: "Invertebrates I • Chernobyl" and "Invertebrates II • Fukushima."


I've been reading lately about the effect of nuclear pollution and radiation on invertebrates, which provided the inspiration for these two related pieces. (Reading about nuclear pollution's effects upon the environment is something I am wont to do.)

I read a few articles/studies regarding earthworm procreation in the restricted zone around the Chernobyl disaster.

I read a few articles/studies regarding jellyfish and the way that they are influenced by various nuclear reactors and the way that they influence various nuclear reactors, primarily by jellyfish blooms being sucked into reactor cooling system intake valves and clogging said systems with the slime that their collective bodies create, thus causing reactors to be temporarily shut down.


These pieces, for me, are a continued exploration that started with "Chemical Weapons."

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