Friday, August 19, 2016


7 Seas Brewing opened up a new Brewery and Tap Room in Tacoma this past week, so The Child and I stopped by for a quick pint of Ballz Deep Double IPA (and an Izze Sparkling Clementine soda) after chalking.


The Tap Room is wide open and spacious. There is plenty of natural light from windows to the west. There is ample seating scattered throughout the building—stools, tables and benches, couches, chairs.

3uillt (prounounced "Built") provides food. Valhalla Coffee will soon be in the space. You can see downtown from the hill. The Tap Room is located right next door to University of Washington Tacoma.

Kids are welcome, hence TWT being accompanied by The Child.

The Brewery can be viewed from the Tap Room, so you can see beer for a future visit being made. You can also view the kegs currently supplying the taps by peeking in the windows of the walk-in cooler.



All in all, this is a wonderful space. And, it is in Tacoma's old Heidelberg Brewery building, so it is keeping an historical brewing building operating as it once did in times past.


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