Friday, April 29, 2016


For 2016's National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), Troy's Work Table is writing thirty poems in thirty days, but only publishing three lines (or less) from each rough draft poem here at TWT.


Your dark tongue speaks
and the empires of sea, sky, and land


A few lines from another new "Black Psalm."


Copyright © 2016 by Troy's Work Table.


Ada Ludenow said...

Almost there. This must feel like the end of an incredibly long, 30-hole, disc-golf course. I have enjoyed the glimpses of larger poems, as if I am out there somewhere, and I look up:

There goes the disc, flying between trees and I cannot see the thrower or the hole. Sometimes I hear the chinking strike of the frisbee on the chains. Sometimes I hear some swearing. Sometimes, in the distance before me, I catch site of the disc-golfer himself. He seems to be sizing up a distance, a goal, but he is also looking at the sky, the grass.

I'll enjoy reading them in full versions.

troysworktable said...

I always forget how long the month of NaPoWriMo seems until I'm in it. The end is like finishing a long race: I am tired but exhilarated and filled with a sense of purpose.

The reason I only gave peeks at poems is two-fold: (1) it allowed me a bit more freedom to not necessarily be finished with a poem before sharing a part of it; and (2)technically, none of the poems have been published and are therefore able to be submitted elsewhere.

Thank you for following along through this process!