Saturday, January 16, 2016


The Child and TWT headed off to Tacoma for an afternoon of viewing fauxliage.


Our first stop was at Tinkertopia to view their window display, which featured The Seedling Collection by Cher Nalty. The various miniature cacti and succulents are "planted" in small terra cotta pots, but their fauxliage is crocheted by the artist. The attention to detail and resemblance of the actual plants they are modeled upon was fascinating.


Our next stop was to the W. W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory in Tacoma's Wright Park to visit their exhibit Evolution: Art, Science & Adaptation. My favorite pieces were those that became one with their surroundings, rather than those which seemed a bit dissonant.

Cactopi by Ed Kroupa. I especially loved this piece, but it was more than it simply mimicking an octopus, albeit in a cactus form. First, I didn't even notice it, since it blended in with the real cacti and succulents that were behind and next to it; The Child had to point it out to me. Second, I love that it played on the octopus's ability to camouflage itself. This fauxliage was as powerful as The Seedling Collection.

Green by Yuki Nakamura. As with the Cactopi, these porcelain casts of antique and current lightbulb forms blend into the natural foliage in which these nest. This fauxliage mimicked fungi forms, and the white and green coloring helped them to feel part of landscape. I did find these forms on my own, and they "feel" as though they belong in this setting.

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