Friday, September 04, 2015


"God of Rain" by Troy's Work Table. Frost Park Chalk Off. Friday 06 September 2015.


A few days before the start of meteorological fall (01 September) the weather changed. The heat and dryness became cooler temperatures and rain. The overcast skies were welcomed for chalking, while the precipitation was more problematic. But Friday was a perfect chalking day—partly cloudy, partly sunny, damp, but not wet, warm, but not hot.


The change also inspired this piece.


A street person wandered up to the piece when it was about 75% complete and began to mutter something to me, but it was so quiet that I had to lean in to hear her.

HER: "I feel so bad for him, he seems to be in so much pain."

TWT: "He's not in pain. He's filled with rage."


HER: "What's his name?"

TWT: "His name? He's the god of rain."

HER: [with a bit of incredulity] "The god of rain?"

TWT: "Yes."

HER: "Okay. I'm going to pray for him."

And off she went.

She circled around the block a few times, passing by about every 7 to 10 minutes, but never commenting again. I assume she was praying for him.


View more pictures of "God of Rain" HERE.

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