Saturday, August 15, 2015


"Salmon Spirit II" by Troy's Work Table. Milton Days. Saturday 15 August 2015.

"Salmon Spirit III" by Troy's Work Table. Carport concrete. Saturday 15 August 2015.


TWT stopped by Milton Days since he heard there was a chalk art contest for all ages. The chalk box came out and there was an attempt to get another "Salmon Spirit" onto the pavement. The problem was that the canvas was asphalt, which was older and pitted. That meant that the chalk and charcoal and pastels bounced about and there was no good way to get detail on the ground. To compensate, there was an attempt to get more color on the ground than initially intended.

So, TWT decided to draw another "Salmon Spirit" upon arriving home. The newer and smoother concrete was a much more agreeable canvas than the asphalt. The chalk and charcoal and pastels glided where intended. The details were crisp. The colors were bold. The cooperation of the medium allowed for the salmon spirit to finally swim as it intended. This improved salmon spirit allowed the chalk muse to let this picture go and stopped haunting TWT.


The difficulty of chalking the asphalt meant it took almost an hour to chalk a rough and unsatisfying piece. The ease of chalking the concrete meant it took just slightly less than fifteen minutes to chalk a piece that one could be happy with.


You can view more comparison pictures of "Salmon Spirit II" and "Salmon Spirit III" HERE.

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Ada Ludenow said...

Nevertheless, Salmon Spirit I shows you can still sing sweetly in the chains of asphalt. The roughness of the medium and therefore struggle of the process comes out. It is, dare I say it, more Expressionistic?