Wednesday, April 08, 2015


For 2015's National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), Troy's Work Table is writing thirty poems in thirty days.



There is no other moment than this—

You are pronounced dead
but they are able to reduce your body temperature
by twenty degrees Celsius

drain your blood

fill your arteries and veins with brine
a salt water rinse.

You return to the sea from which you came.

They fill your lungs your throat
your mouth your nasal passages
with thick pink fluid.

You return to the womb from which you came.

Quick and complicated surgery
repairs the tissue damage

nanobots swim through an ocean
before it ebbs away and
the sanguine flow that you once knew

mostly restores you to a former moment
(there is no other moment than that)

and as your body is warmed once more

your heart begins to beat

a slow drumming
and then a quicker rhythm
and then a familiar friendly cadence.

You return to the life from which you came.


Copyright © 2015 by Troy's Work Table.


Inspired by the BBC "Future" article "The Ultimate Comeback: Bringing the Dead Back to Life" by David Robson.

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