Thursday, April 16, 2015


For 2015's National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), Troy's Work Table is writing thirty poems in thirty days.


Another poem that is more fragment than finished piece. It will get there.



Films of the dead projected onto
the cave wall screens of the afterlife—

the clattering of the celluloid strip
announcing its own death—

unclean and analog.

The click hiss and pop of the needle
playing out the synced soundtrack—

on the vinyl platter of a rich feast
for the deaf ears of a dead audiophile—


Copyright © 2015 by Troy's Work Table.


Ada Ludenow said...

Roberston Davies also used this metaphor, though not in a concise way, and w/o the turntable, but it gave me a smile to think of it through this fragment.

Of course you might be able to argue Plato came up with it originally ;-)

troysworktable said...


I've sold many a copy of books by Robertson Davies over the years and never really peeked inside. That changed today when I visited King's Books (of Tacoma) and picked up a used hardcover copy of Murther and Walking Spirits. I'm loving the language. And from the descriptions I've read, it seems a book that I should have encountered and read long ago. So thank you for pointing me toward it or it toward me or something in between.