Friday, December 05, 2014


"Ink Cloud" by Troy's Work Table. Crayon and walnut ink wash.


This morning, TWT taught art to third and fourth graders this morning and had a blast.

First, I talked them through the process of turning walnut rinds into walnut ink. Then we talked a teeny bit about Leonardo da Vinci (who used walnut ink in many of his sketches, drawings, and paintings). Each sketched out some leaves and selected his or her favorite. Then we selected a "leaf color" crayon and drew the outline of the favorite leaf on some heavier stock paper. Next we drew the veins of the leaves in with white crayon, which was a challenge because we could barely see the lines. Next came a wash of my homemade walnut ink on each piece. It was fun because all of the kids were "oohing" and "aahing" when the veins "appeared" in the wash. Then everyone signed her or his name in walnut ink with a dip stylus-and-nib pen to give it the final "da Vinci" touch.

I may have had more fun than the kids!


In preparation for the class, I wanted to see how different color crayons would work with the walnut ink. The Child received the fruits of one such "non-leaf" experiment as this week's Lunchbox Friday drawing.

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