Thursday, October 09, 2014


"knowing from hindmost teeth to jackknifed tail / Leviathan is neither fish nor mammal."

—from "Eschatology, Piscatology" by James Brookes, as found in the October 2014 issue of Poetry.


This poem reminds me of Daniel Berrigan's portrayal of Leviathan as crocodile. Here, the monster is not carved up for the market; here, the monster is not commodity that cannot be tamed; here, the monster is exactly what Berrigan warns us to beware.

This poem resonates for me in the same way that Berrigan's glimpse does. And, in that sense, not only have I left crumbs of crocodile scattered on the Work Table once, then twice, but now thrice.


And the lilt and trill of "L" throughout this poem (which runs counter to the image) is a wonder upon my ears.

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