Friday, May 23, 2014


Detail of "Helladic" by Troy's Work Table . Frost Park Chalk Off 7:8. Friday 23 May 2014.


The rain was steady. Chalking on wet concrete changes the way that one chalks, primarily because it changes the way the chalk adheres to the sidewalk or wall. I don't mind the wet; it is actually a bit fun to try to figure out how to draw in a slightly different manner. But chalking in the rain is not fun. It erases the image before it can even be brought to life.

So, Troy's Work Table opted to stay home and chalk in the carport.


I've recently been studying Helladic and Minoan artwork, especially that found on various pieces of pottery.

I decided to add some color to what was often created with only one or two pigments, due to what was available at the time and location, while trying to remain true to the forms and images used.

And I returned to my beloved octopus.


You can view more pictures of Frost Park Chalk Off 7:8 (the carport episode), including a picture of the full "Helladic," HERE.

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