Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Each year, the black walnut tree decides to lose the majority of its leaves in one day. Usually it follows upon the first hard frost in late October or early November. This year, it was during autumn's first windstorm.

The green of the grass disappears beneath a layer of yellow and brown leaves...

...as the tree "gives up the ghost."

The Dog wanted to be in the midst of the cleanup. That is, until the wind would start to howl again. Then, The Dog would hide behind the wheelbarrow, using it as a windbreak and shivering until I came and picked her up. I would tell her that she was fine and put her back on the ground once the current gust subsided. Soon, the wind would start to increase, more leaves would loosen from the tree and swirl down, The Dog would hide and shake, and the rake would stop its work as I once again went to comfort The Dog.

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