Saturday, November 30, 2013


The main floor of the Book Fair at Short Run 2013. 

Short Run is one of those gifts of the gods that appear every so often. It's a wonderful thing bestowed upon us humans, and we didn't even know we needed it until it descends from divine regions into our midst.

Short Run is a small press festival focused on zines, comics, small presses, independent publishers, and homemade animation. Last year, Short Run was located at Vera Project at Seattle Center. This year, it moved to Washington Hall near the Seattle University campus. The main room of the Book Fair seemed to be a much better space overall. It was still too crowded, though, which is a good problem to have for all of these artists, illustrators, and writers. But I didn't like having to fight to move from table to table.


I made a couple new discoveries.

One of my favorite artists there was Kinoko. I purchased her The Epic of Gilgamesh, both volumes #1 and #2. These comics loosely follow tales of Gilgamesh with a fresh updating of the stories. The artwork is filled with bold lines and Mesopotamian flavors. The look of the characters reminds me of illustrations I encountered somewhere in my childhood, but can't quite figure out in what book or from what illustrator. But that's okay because these works speak for themselves. See more of Kinoko's work HERE.

One of my favorite small publishers there was Little Otsu. Their stable of authors, artists, and illustrators have an aesthetic that feels shared. The works are magical and soft, filled with flora and fauna that inhabit a world perhaps known as Otsu. I like the childlike atmosphere that this world has, even though the works themselves don't feel childlike. See some of what Little Otsu has to offer HERE.


I'm looking forward to next year. I think I need to get writing and perhaps be an exhibitor.

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