Wednesday, November 06, 2013


The Great Pumpkin, an Imperial Pumpkin Ale by Elysian Brewing Company.

22 ounce bottle served in Sam Adams glass.

8.1% alcohol by volume.


Lightly hazy orange to orange-yellow body on the pour. Thin bright white head. A lot of light streams of bubbles.

Nose is pumpkin pie, with a bit more spice than Night Owl. Perhaps I detect a bit of pear?

Taste follows the nose—pumpkin pie, with a bit more spice than Night Owl. Cloves and cinnamon are prominent. Also a bit of ginger. It’s heavier on the spice and drier than Night Owl.

This is less pumpkin pie and more spice.


Excellent.  I used to think of The Great Pumpkin as Night Owl on steroids, but no longer. I like this very much, but I actually prefer Night Owl. Night Owl is pumpkin pie in a bottle; The Great Pumpkin has higher alcohol content, but lacks some of the balance that Night Owl has.

I recommend it if you like pumpkin pie spices. 

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