Friday, October 19, 2012


There was no apparent theme for Frost Park Chalk Off 5:29, so TWT decided to draw something that has been creeping into his dreams.  Why?  Who knows?  But, there it is.

The bottom layer includes seven sections and the color green.  Each successive layer has one less section than the prior and the next color on the color wheel, until the final single white dome.  Perched upon it is one of the chimerical creatures of Assyrian mythology and architecture—body of a lion or bull, head of a man, and wings of an eagle or angel.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Frost Park Chalk Off 5:28 seemed to have a theme of either partisanship or bipartisanship.  Therefore, Troy's Work Table tried to play within those themes while also revisiting elements of one of his favorite chapters of Moby-Dick, "The Counterpane."

The counterpane quilt became the flag attached to the "pole" of the harpoon, with Queequeg and Ishmael merged into a "bipartisan whale," all basking in the light of a lamp fueled by whale oil.

Oh, obsession!

Friday, October 05, 2012


Frost Park Chalk Off 5:27 was without theme, which simply allowed TWT to wander into weird places.  There was an image of a bio-industrial octopus/oil derrick that I could not shake from my mind.  I think I originally dreamed it at some point.

"Fracktopus" by Troy's Work Table.

Detail of "Fracktopus," showing gear eyes, drill beak, oil runoff.

The oil runoff was created by first chalking the colored layers of soil and rock and then adding heavy layers of cowboy charcoal at "ground level."  A few squirts from a spray bottle got the charcoal running through the colored chalk.  A few more lines of charcoal and a few more squirts of water and the charcoal dried in place.  TWT was rather happy with the effect.