Saturday, September 22, 2012


The theme for yesterday's Frost Park Chalk Off (season 5, episode 25) was "zombies."  TWT decided to draw a zombie Moby Dick, erupting from an American flag peppered with the "death metal" of harpoons. 

"Death Metal" by Troy's Work Table.

Detail of "Death Metal" by Troy's Work Table.  The stars of the flag's blue field were a last minute addition, but they felt right.  They helped bring some of the flag back to the sea of blue, with the small white figures representing the men of the Pequod flung into the ocean when Moby (Zombie) Dick attacks.


This piece won Frost Park Chalk Off 5:25.  TWT and The Child will be attending The 2012 Tacoma Zombpocalypse due to the tickets he won as his prize!

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