Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The Wife, The Child, and TWT headed down to the Puyallup Public Library for a bit of medieval martial arts, as demonstrated by the Knights of Veritas.  Their goal for the day was to dispel many of the myths surrounding sword combat as it is seen in modern-day television, movies, and videogames.

The Knights of Veritas director and another knight show how easy it is to be left vulnerable to harm or death in sword combat.

The zornhau (zornhaw), or "wrath strike" as it would be seen on the big (or little) screen, although the longsword is about two feet from the victims head.

The medieval martial art of longsword combat.  Here the Knights of Veritas are showing how vulnerable one is, even in full armor.

A duel in full armor with visors.

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