Saturday, May 26, 2012


I hung out with my new girlfriend Ophelia today.  She's a North Pacific Giant Octopus residing in the aquarium at Highline Community College's Marine Science and Technology Center.  She "graduates" back to the waters of Puget Sound on Saturday 09 June 2012, so I had to get down and visit her.

She put on quite a display today.  She changed mantle colors many times, moving from white to tan to orange to a brilliant red and back.  She also changed the texture of her mantle, sometimes smooth, sometimes highly papillated.  She moved from one end of her tank and back, over and over, extending her tentacles and playing about her enclosure, before cramming herself into a narrow gap in some rocks at the tanks edge.  There she was almost invisible, making herself known by poking out a tentacle every so often to entice those gathered before her.

I think I may be in love!  Alas, she'll be leaving me for "new" waters.  My heart breaks.


Kimberlee Gerstmann said...

Pretty amazing. That is a great picture too. :)

troysworktable said...


I was very smitten with her. The Child kept finding me back at her tank and begging me to go after we had been there some time.