Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Mac & Jack's Cascadian Dark Ale, a CDA/Black IPA by Mac & Jack's Brewing Company.

32 ounce growler filled from 99 Bottles tap, served in tulip glass (1/2) and Samuel Adams glass (1/2).


These tasting notes are "rougher" than some. Compare them to those of Pelican Bad Santa.


Mac & Jack's CDA possesses a “darker” nose (and is less hoppy) than Bad Santa.

More malts, more chocolate, a hint of espresso, and more cream.

No hint of mint.

This is very similar to Bad Santa, and a good CDA, although Bad Santa is more nuanced and complex on both nose and tongue. With that said, this is also very enjoyable and drinkable. My guess is that this would be more accessible to a greater number of beer drinkers than Bad Santa.


After more thought (or meditation, which is what it really was) upon this ale, it is almost like a liquid Oreo cookie—dark chocolate graham with a hint of whipped cream for the frosting center. Next time, I'll have to pair it with Oreos or vanilla ice cream.

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