Tuesday, January 17, 2012


"In comparison to my life in the inter-connected dreams, this life is lonely and phony, and worthless; unfit for an intelligent and educated person...In the dreams, I see what a full life really consists of, and it is not what I really have."
—page 278, VALIS by Philip K. Dick, as found in VALIS and Later Novels (The Library of America).


"Maybe they’re just dreams, he thought. And maybe I’m just dreaming this dark cluster of houses and the dogs barking and this stream murmuring peacefully in its motionless current and this urge I feel to go and break into that house jutting out on the river bank, just waiting for me."
—page 230, The Galley Slave by Drago Jančar.


Kimberlee said...

I really like the quote from Valis. It is sort of fitting that I should read this today because I had quite a group of strange and connected dreams that made last night seem like it went on forever. It was one of those things where you wake up and wonder why the heck you dreamed such things (like playing with a tiger cub who was going to have a heart transplant [the giant heart was being kept 'alive' on a metal table with all sorts of medical devices]).

I loved your reading list for the year. You are quite ambitious. I just now weeded through my email and saw your comment. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

Troy said...

I don't know that I always agree with PKD's statement, but it is interesting how our dream lives can oftentimes be so rich and rewarding. Or so detailed in their nightmarish content.