Monday, December 26, 2011


Infinium, a Bière de Champagne by Samuel Adams (Boston Beer Company) and Weihenstephan.

750 ml bottle served in Champagne flute. 10.3% alcohol by volume.

$19.99 per bottle! (Listed as on sale, with an original price of $27.99 per bottle!)


The pour is a slightly hazy gold with a white head.

The nose is honey, light fruit, sugar, and very light spices. The tongue is lightly sweet and spicy—honey, candied sugar, candied syrup, a hint of brown sugar, light fruits, apricot, light cloves.

This reminds me of a Champagne, but the barley rather than grapes makes it much more drinkable to me. Actually, I can drink this and enjoy it, where with sparkling wines I find the former debatable and the latter mostly lacking (even if I find it drinkable).

It has a light and airy mouthfeel, but is heavier than I expected.

It begins sweet then dries some as it finishes, although it is never overly sweet.

Infinium is rather pleasant, but I don't know if it's worth the price. I've had plenty of beers of similar nose/flavor that were less expensive and equally (or perhaps even more) pleasing.

There is a stealth alcohol content that isn’t noticeable while drinking but definitely makes itself known rather quickly in the brain and body.

All in all, this is quite good. If you have a chance to try it, then, by all means, do so.

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