Saturday, November 19, 2011


Robert Zemeckis, along with accomplices Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary, has made a horrible mockery of an epic poem. He has taken communal, ritualized violence and transformed it into individualized hypersexuality. He has given Beowulf Freudian legs, three of them, as one of his cross-eyed wenches attests. He has transformed a tale of heroism into a narcissistic Dungeons and Dragons fantasy, trying to hang it on the lyrics of the original text. Unfortunately, this is animated action film and I am the worse for having watched it.

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David said...

While I expected to be horrified by the Zemeckis "dead-eyed" motion capture, I was not ready for the rest of the affronts committed in this "adaptation." Seemed like nothing more than a gratuitous CGI excuse to oggle Ms.Jolie. Not surprisingly, Crispin Glover's Grendel was the only thing worth watching.