Friday, September 16, 2011


Another Friday afternoon equals another session of the Frost Park Chalk Off Challenge, specifically Season 4, Episode 25.

I wasn't feeling especially inspired. The theme was "SEND A MESSAGE TO A POLITICIAN" or alternatively "EVERYBODY DRAW a MAYOR DAY!" I toyed with a cuttlefish mayor, a monkey mayor, and The Dog as the "mayor of mischief." I ended up with "Krusty Pup, Mayor of Fair Food." I wasn't all too happy with the execution. Oh well.

Then my spirits were lifted by some of the other Frost Park artists and observers. They variously described Krusty Pup as "disturbing," "obscene," and "NSFW." I figured it was a actually a good art day.

It's no Michelle Bachmann encounter with a corn dog, but I'll accept the "compliments."

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