Friday, June 24, 2011


TWT and The Child headed down to Tacoma's Frost Park for the Frost Park Chalk Off. It consisted primarily of members of the Cartoonists' League of Absurd Washingtonians (C.L.A.W.) but was open to the public. The Child went up against the heavyweights and fared rather well.

[1] Chalk artists stake out their area of sidewalk in Frost Park and get to work.

[2] The Child adds some details.

[3] "Octopus" by The Child. (The black is ink, released after being surprised.)

[4] RR_Anderson at work.

[5] "Adam Alien Bot" by RR_Anderson.

[6] James Stowe at work.

[7] "Portal" by James Stowe.

[8] Mark Monlux at work.

[9] "Groovy Tiki" by Mark Monlux.

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