Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Powerhouse Spring Saison, a Saison by Powerhouse Restaurant & Brewery.

Served on tap in a Unibroue tulip glass.


I love a good saison. The Powerhouse delivers a good saison.


This saison arrives with an opaque yellow body, tinted with orange. The head is a thin, brilliant white.

The nose is spicy. I smell cloves and cardamom and wet paper pulp.

The tongue is likewise spicy. I taste cardamom and cloves and pepper. Lurking behind these primary flavors is a sweet grass and what I can only describe as raw egg white. Wrapped around all of these flavors is a yeast that has a hint of and old leather jacket.

This is an enjoyable ale.


There is almost an antiseptic tone in both aroma and flavor that increases as it warms. I think of it as similar to the smell of Sea Breeze Astringent face cleaner, only milder and smoother and more pleasant. This quality intrigues me.

When I arrive home, it is time to raid The Wife's spice cabinet and see if I can "recreate" some of the aromas and flavors. The "Sea Breeze" is definitely the cardamom and cloves.


As per the beer board over the Powerhouse bar, this saison highlights cardamom and black pepper flavors, has an alcohol by volume content of 7.2%, and and original gravity of 1.062.

Good stuff. Highly recommended.

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Darren said...

Agreed. A very good beer. Got a whole growler to bring home to the wife and she likes it too. Certainly go back for more if I can!