Saturday, May 28, 2011


11.15 ounce bottle (330ml), served in a pilsner glass.


Before the beer notes begin, two things made me happy about the way this beer was served. First, the restaurant brought me the glass and opened bottle, in order that I was able to pour my own beer. Second, the glass wasn't chilled, which meant that additional cold didn't mask any of the aroma or flavor. Kudos to Thai Bistro of Federal Way, Washington for allowing me the pleasure of a full sensory experience.


The pour delivered a clear straw yellow body with one-quarter inch of white head.

The aroma was a slightly funky vine scent, what I think of as "classic beer flavor," which was to be expected from a pale lager. (I assumed Chang was the Budweiser of Thailand.)

The flavor was floral and papery. It was rather mild, but enjoyable. I kept expecting a corn flavor to creep in, but it never did.

For a pale lager, this was a rather enjoyable beer. The floral notes played well against the curry and light spice of my gai yang, rice, and fried spring rolls.

This isn't something that I would seek out, but I wouldn't turn down a bottle if offered one.


Chang Beer is one of the 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die.


Chang also has its own website.

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