Monday, March 29, 2010


The child's Innova Skeeter takes a rest.


TWT's Discraft Stalker tries to hide.

The cathedral of trees on the middle of NAD's hole #12.


"Praying is funny. When you pray, you leave the day-to-day time stream and enter a quieter place that uses different clocks and values things that can’t be seen."
—page 291, Generation A by Douglas Coupland

"Anger is an energy! Anger is an energy! Anger is an energy!"
—from "Rise" by Public Image Limited, as found on the album Album

I played my best game of disc golf ever at Bremerton's NAD Disc Golf Course. I played a solid 60 (+6). This was partly due to being angry at various individuals in my life. I channeled some of the energy into the game. That anger was paired with an accompanying calm that felt very much the same as when I pray.

As I entered this realm of calm and quiet, the anger transformed into intense focus. I literally saw things differently. I still struggled on a hole—number nine. I was able to think through the error that landed me in a thicket of trees and get myself back on course.


Hole 1 - 3
Hole 2 - 3
Hole 3 - 3
Hole 4 - 3
Hole 5 - 3
Hole 6 - 4
Hole 7 - 4
Hole 8 - 3
Hole 9 - 5
Front nine - 31 (+4)

Hole 10 - 3
Hole 11 - 4
Hole 12 - 3
Hole 13 - 4
Hole 14 - 3
Hole 15 - 4
Hole 16 - 3
Hole 17 - 3
Hole 18 - 2
Back nine - 29 (+2)

Total - 60 (+6)

Monday, March 22, 2010


Directly above the word "Newcastle" on the bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale's label, handwritten in smudged black marker, is the phrase Mom's beer. The child doesn't drink beer, so this message is most assuredly directed at Troy's Work Table. TWT refrained of partaking of such, even though it was nested amongst his own collection of ales in the refrigerator, and was rewarded twice for his fortitude and stamina.

The first reward: being allowed to finish off the final third of the bottle after the rest was used in a recipe.

The second reward: A steaming bowl of "Carbonnade à la Flamande," a Belgian stew of beef, beer, and onions courtesy of the wife's culinary artistry.

The lesson: Don't drink Mom's beer! (Until one is allowed.)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


A mini-review of "Brian Eno" from the album Congratulations by MGMT:

This is a garage rock, post-punk, Ennio Morricone faux-Western, drag queen lounge act, marching band mash-up, if I've ever heard one. It also has nothing I can discern in it that is musically tied to Brian Eno, other than his name being somewhat shout-sung as part of the lyrics. The end of the song that precedes it on the album, “Siberian Breaks,” does sound like Brian Eno’s music—so much so that I thought one track had ended and the other had begun. Instead, I actually received this wonderful “mess” of a song that really works, in the same way that the crazy concoctions of Jim Thirlwell work when he is creating music under his Foetus moniker. This is excellent and refreshing stuff on an album where many of the songs seem too slow, too long, or too overdone.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


The cilantro on my desk in the office is sprouting before the garden starts I planted last week. If the peppers and tomatoes on my desk follow suit, then I may have a bowl of salsa at work before I have a bountiful garden of vegetables and fruits at home.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


An early anniversary gift to myself, since I bought it at the end of January—a Discraft Stalker extra long range driver disc. Semi-translucent red Elite Z plastic with white stamp, 167 grams.


Today is the one-year anniversary of my first round of disc golf. I didn't get to wander out onto a course today, but I did reminisce about what an awesome year it has been for throwing plastic.

*I started out averaging in the mid-80s for eighteen holes and now play an average of 65 for the same.

*My collection of discs has expanded.

*I have figured out which discs work best for me. Driver: Discraft Avenger SS. Midrange: Discraft Buzzz ESP. Putter: Latitude 64º Sinus SP.

*I am now working with my new Discraft Stalker, which flies very similar to my Buzzz midrange discs. Hopefully, it will work into becoming one of my "go to" drivers.

*I have been able to play with a lot of people, including many people I have introduced the game to.

*I have been able to play a number of great courses—White River, Fort Steilacoom, NAD, Crystal Mountain, Horning's Hideout.


Here's to another year of running around through the woods throwing plastic discs at the chains of a metal basket!

Friday, March 12, 2010


The child and I passed Igor & Red Elvises as we approached mile marker 149 at 1:49 p.m. today. The Red Elvises van was heading northbound on I-5 as they traveled to Seattle for tonight's concert following last evening's Tacoma show.

Red Elvises website.
Red Elvises MySpace.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


The pinwheel-and-flashbulb decor of a hospital stairwell...

Saturday, March 06, 2010


Troy's Work Table, along with the child, took advantage of the gorgeous and unseasonably warm late winter weather to work in the garden and plant some seeds. Today's formula looked something like this:

Heirloom seeds from Botanical Interests

+ Planters' Pride "Fiber Grow" biodegradable pots

+ additional logistics

+ manual labor

+ organic potting soil, water, and Deschutes Brewery beer bottlecap markers

= seeds ready to enjoy the humidity and sunshine as they germinate.

Friday, March 05, 2010


The child and I needed to clear our minds and fill them up again. In order to accomplish such, we wandered about downtown Puyallup on a beautiful late winter morning. We filled our skulls with words at the Puyallup Public Library storytime and our senses with a visual, aural, and nasal feast of sights, sounds, and smells.

We wandered streets and alleyways, noticing the many varieties of brick wall. (I hope most of them are earthquake reinforced...)

The Puyallup Public Library and Pioneer Park.

Berries on the holly bush in front of McDonald's.

Telephone pole/public bulletin board.

One of four #030 fire hydrants in Puyallup (one for each quarter).

Cherry blossoms and blue sky. The former made the latter smell heavenly.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


It seems that my life is experiencing a lot of these right now. Is someone/something trying to get me to slow down, or, at the very least, shift to a lower gear? If so, why?