Thursday, January 28, 2010


At a midweek church service last week, the pianist and her accompanying flautist kept playing a tune that was haunting me. I kept thinking This is Satie. I am certain that this is Satie. I know this song.

There were three different versions of the song, or, perhaps, three different yet similar songs that were played throughout the worship service. I know this song. Is it really appropriate for church? I like it, but is it religious music? If it isn't necessarily religious music, does it matter?

The music was lightly melancholy, at times bordering on maudlin, yet I found it to be soothing and comforting. It didn't distract me from the service, even though its melody kept my mind actively searching for some answers, an answer. I am pretty sure this is Satie. If this isn't Satie, then it sure sounds like him.

After the service was over, I walked up to the piano and glanced at the sheet music. "Gymnopédie No. 1 - Erik Satie" it read. Beneath it were its siblings—Gymnopédie No. 2, Gymnopédie No. 3.


I drove home, listening to two of the final tracks on Hüsker Dü's swan song album Warehouse: Songs and Stories on the car's CD player. What did I hear deep in the mix of "Turn It Around"? I heard what sounded to me like echoes of the Gymnopédies. I also thought I heard faint echoes of them in "You Can Live at Home." Maybe you're going mad.


I checked out copies of Satie CDs from the library. The child and I listened to them in the car.

TWT: Do you know where you've heard this song before?


TWT: Where?

CHILD: In the part of Up where the old lady dies and the music slows down.

TWT: What?

CHILD: You know, where the old lady dies and her husband is real sad. The music slows down and this is the song.

TWT: Do you know where you may have heard it more recently?

CHILD: At church on Wednesday.

TWT: Indeed.


When we arrive home, I put the DVD of Up in the player and forward to the scene the child described. It's not Satie, but that section of Michael Giacchino's song is definitely another echo of the Gymnopédies.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


The League of Movable Type is a collective of typographers offering "well-made, free & open source" fonts. Amen!

I am especially intrigued by Goudy Bookletter 1911 and Sorts Mill Goudy.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Actually, it is a conversation constructed out of a series of email messages, but you get the picture...


It all began with the above picture (along with some others) attached to an email message sent out to select family and friends.

Family and friends:

[Troy's Work Table] is all about all things Star Wars right now. Okay, it's really more [the child] and [Troy's Work Table] than [the wife], but still...

We have been watching Star Wars films—the original trilogy (4, 5, & 6), The Phantom Menace (episode 1), The Clone Wars series (2003), The Clone Wars series (2008). We have been playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii. We have been constructing and battling with actual Legos. We built our own lightsabers (red Sith blades) out of cardboard tubes and red & gray duct tape.

[The child] received a Jedi trainer from [the brother] for Christmas and we all took turns trying our hand at manipulating an object with our minds (The Force?).

We each did fine on the five Padawan levels, but had difficulty on the Jedi Knight levels. It will be some time before we make it through those to try the Jedi Master levels. With some practice and discipline and some guidance in the Force—who knows?

Plus, we got to wear a head band similar to that of Anakin Skywalker when he pilots his Jedi Interceptor. Cool!

[Troy's Work Table]


Q: Hey freak-mo, I thought you shaved the beard? Or is this an old picture?

TWT: As Yoda would say: "Like to know you would."

Q: Tell Yoda I coming to kick his ass I am.

TWT: Yoda says: "Much anger I sense in you, young Padawan. Give in to the dark side of the Force you must not."

Q: Dark side not, just annoyed I am.

TWT: Yoda says: "No. Much anger I sense in you. Much fear. Deny it you will, but live it you do."

Q: Seriously Yoda, go yourself f**k!

TWT: Yoda says: "Yes, Master Windu, this one, much anger she has. Perhaps not that bright since keeps taking the bait she does. Also understand the structure of my speaking she doesn't, since what I say makes sense if out loud you speak it, but her sentence no sense it makes. Hmmm. I had higher hopes for this one, I did."

Q: Okay, this is the last time I reply! My sentences make sense. They are just making fun of your Yoda talk. I know you know this, but I guess you just like being really, really mean. On a nicer note, our child's adoption is finalized.

TWT: First, no, the last one with the obscenity on the end didn't (and doesn't) make sense if you say it aloud. I know what you mean, but that doesn't mean that it works. When Yoda speaks, even though his grammar is garbled, he is still understandable with little effort. Yoda says: "Not good at this you are!" Second, that is awesome. I never doubted the adoption would be finalized. Yoda says: "A good thing this adoption is."

Q: Seriously...did you have to quote Yoda on my child's adoption?

TWT: I didn't. Yoda did. Yoda says: "Your panties, in a bunch they are!"

Q: Did the child ever get the book I sent for Christmas?

TWT: Was it a baptismal book about an African boy? If so, then yes.

Q: Yes...baptismal, Christmas book—you know what I mean. I thought you were frickin' Yoda-like?

TWT: I am not Yoda. Just because Yoda keeps telling me things to say to you, doesn't mean that I am him. Yoda says: "Distinctions you make not, will fail in the future for you, yes?"

Q: Going to slit my throat now...

TWT: With your permission, I am going to run our Star Wars/Yoda conversation on my blog, with your parts being anonymous. What say you?

Q: Can't reply. Bleeding out... Seriously? But my Yoda talk sucks, which is probably why you want to use it. Smart I is. Yeah, whatever, use it.

TWT: Thanks. Yoda says: "Wise choice you have made, young Padawan. Still, much anger there is."

Monday, January 18, 2010


My cell phone rings.

TWT: Hello?

PHONE: Is this Troy?

TWT: It is.

PHONE: This is Bob calling. I have one of your discs, a D-3 Prostyle, and I will drop it off at Mando's in Auburn later today.

TWT: That is awesome. It has been missing in action since mid-July. Thank you very much.

PHONE: You don't need to thank me. I went out with a group of guys today and everyone gave me discs they have found over the past couple months to drop off at Mando's, since I was heading there after our round.

TWT: I still thank you. You're the one that is getting it there.

PHONE: All right, then. Have a good one, Troy.

TWT: You too, Bob. Thanks again!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


ZooLights 2009, as experienced at PDZA on Sunday 03 January 2010.