Friday, October 03, 2008


Amber Waves Ale, an Amber Ale by Capitol City Brewing

On tap. Half pint. Downtown District of Columbia location.

I really wanted to drink and eat at Capitol City Brewing when we visited Washington DC this summer. Our friends indulged us, recommending the downtown location over the Shirlington location in Virginia. We took their advice and six of us enjoyed beer and pub food in a great setting with excellent service.

Amber Waves arrived at the table with a nicely tanned body—somewhere between amber and copper-red. Her head was white. She was clear, had lively carbonation, and left behind excellent lacing.

Her perfume was of caramel and canned peaches. It was perhaps slightly too sweet, but enticing nonetheless.

She tasted wonderful. Caramel malts met apricot, pear, and grain. She started sweet, became slightly bitter, and sweetened again for a long finish.

I think I'm in love. Just don't tell the wife!

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