Friday, September 08, 2006


Oktoberfest Märzen Amber by Paulaner
The weekend of beer begins with a smidgen of nostalgia. This is the beer that saved me from a life of Miller Genuine Draft, the road that I was heading down until I had a swig of Oktoberfest Märzen. This beer gave me a new appreciation for beer, and shifted my focus in beer consumption from quantity to quality. It helped me to discover that beer actually had flavor. It also helped me to realize that beer could actually be a nice addition to a meal rather than a way to escape at social functions (into the bottle, that is). I don't think it is the best beer out there, but it is good one. It has a nice reddish-amber color, a head that dissipates a little too quickly, and little lacing of which to speak. The flavor is mild with a hint of caramel and the slightest note of smokiness. To boost the nostalgia factor, I consumed this beer with a Totino's pepperoni pizza, once a staple item for me. All I needed was a little Hüsker Dü playing in the background and it would have been a perfect evening.

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