Friday, August 11, 2006


When I hear people speak of deja vu I think that they must not have really experienced what they were doing either time! The child and I visited Tacoma again today. We wandered the same areas that we visited two weeks ago. This was partly to get photographs of some of the architectural pieces and works of public art in the Museum District that intrigue me. Two weeks ago, the keychain camera we were using "dumped" the photographs we took and almost all of them were lost. This time we took the keychain camera and the wife's digital camera to ensure that we would "capture" the things we photographed again.

The child and I wandered the same area but discovered new things. We found new nooks and crannies to hide in. The child found new things to climb, to walk under or through, to hug and pat. There was no sense of deja vu, even though there was now a sense of familiarity. The child also seemed to have more fun this time, which made the experience more enjoyable than the last. She enjoyed the Link tram ride more. She was less crabby. She shouted in Union Station, while I took pictures of the Chihuly chandelier and other glass pieces, which garnered the attention of other visitors and the guards. She liked the acoustics and how her voice carried and echoed, so she kept shouting: "Noise!"

Good times.

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Marc said...

I had deja vu reading your entry, as I remembered reading this story on it.

-Marc :)