Friday, August 11, 2006


I have recently become obsessed with Utility Access Covers.

It doesn't matter what kind, although I prefer circular covers over rectangular.

I also prefer those that are painted to those that are not.

I probably need to be taking measurements of those I photograph, because the way that I have cropped these photographs it appears that they are all of similar size. In this case, that is true, but it can mislead. Some covers are three inches in diameter, others two feet. Most are somewhere in between. I like those the best.

Utility Access Cover #1 is my favorite. Round. Red. Metal. Gas. Inset. Hard not to notice in the sidewalk.

Utility Access Cover #2 is my third favorite. Round. Weathered green. Plastic. Irrigation. Upraised. Not immediately noticeable.

Utility Access Cover #3 is my least favorite. Rectangular. Silver. Metal. Water meter. Inset. A slab of protective concrete to set it apart from the landscape. I still like it, though, just less than the others.

Utility Access Cover #4 is my second favorite. Round. White. Metal. Gas. Inset. It tries to blend in with its surroundings. It is, however, more noticeable than some because of its proximity to Utility Access Cover #1, which draws attention to all within its general vicinity.

If you ever desire to view these four for yourself, then you need to take a trip to Freighthouse Square in Tacoma. All four of these are on the sidewalk outside of the Tacoma Dome Station parking garage. How will you find them? It seems that coordinate recording is also in order. Where are these? What are their exact locations?

There is a need to know. You must know.

A travel guide for Utility Access Covers is in order. You must not deny yourself.

I must not deny myself.

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