Monday, August 07, 2006


Well, I have finally hit the big time. I feel like a rock star with his own groupie. Why, you ask? Because I have my own public reader.

Yes, just like major public newspapers, such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Pierce County Herald, I have someone that reads my work with you, the reader, in mind. Who is providing this valuable service for you and me? She has been mentioned in previous posts by the affectionate moniker of The Wife. She also takes her job (as public reader, that is) very seriously.

She has alerted me to typographical errors, such as "mutli-family" instead of "multi-family" in the Sumner Dreams post. Likewise, she has corrected factual faux pas. A perfect example of such a correction was informing me that the "garlic infused bread" in the from The Wine Cellar post was actually "Asiago cheese bread." Now, "garlic infused bread" actually sounds pretty cool to me, even though "Asiago cheese bread" has quite a nice ring to it as well. However, you can check the post and see that it now reads "Asiago cheese bread." It has been corrected because the public reader is ensuring that you receive the best product I can deliver, even if I cannot quite deliver it right the first time. And, I did have a couple beers and a swig of wine, so it is quite easy to confuse garlic and cheese. (Okay, I was really just faking my way through the whole bread piece. Hey, I had ribs and ale to think about. Who had time to worry about what the exact ingredients of the bread were?)

Thank God for my public reader!

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...and I will be a public reader also.